Student Explorer Overview

Student Explorer is a full-fledged Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Student Enrollment Management system fine-tuned for the needs of institutes offering programs in international education.

Student Explorer is a 100% web-based platform that allows an institute to operate a high-performance, globally distributed admissions team. It supports:

a.    Students (and their institutional advisors)
b.    Enrollment advisors
c.    Admission officers
d.    Business developers / channel managers
e.    Marketing and lead-generation staff

Student Explorer is the product of eight years of real-life usage across clients across many sub-sectors of international education, from full-fledged degree programs to international exchange programs.   This has led to an incredible rich set of features that support both an international admissions team and international students.

Student Explorer has served hundreds of thousands of student inquiries and enrolled tens of thousands of students, all while providing an always-on, globally accessible user environment.

Student Explorer has been successfully used by teams as small as 1-person offices to as large as admission departments with over 100 enrollment advisors handling thousands of leads per month.