Major Features

Student Explorer covers the full scope of front-end student management features:

Student Customer Relationship Management

  • Detailed student profiles, supporting both demographic and predictive information
  • Detailed student reporting
  • Student notes
  • In-system individual and mass emailing
  • In-system reporting and filtering
  • Enrollment advisor management and lead allocation
  • Student question/ticketing system
  • Student document management
  • Calendar function including appointments and next steps
  • Live Feed detailing all student, advisor and administrator activity in the system
  • Extensive export/import features to allow for out-of-system analysis
  • Student predictive variables such as predictive time zones
  • Student risk scoring based on activity metrics
  • Native support and reporting for online marketing analytics such as UTM codes
  • Physical catalog management

Student Application & Enrollment Management

  • Unlimited program listings across unlimited program terms
  • Extensive support for international programs with multiple locations and multiple host academic institutions
  • Ability to build and customize an unlimited number of
    • Application Forms
    • Enrollment Forms
  • Ability to design/customize criteria/checklists for successful application and enrollment (2-stage process), allowing for tracking of a student from inquiry through admitted student through to enrolled/registered student
  • Pre-built enrollment forms for specialized international needs such
    • Travel Arrivals / Departures
    • Immigration
    • Health/safety (with US-appropriate access controls)
    • Home institution reporting
  • Payment Processing Integration (including with major payment processors like and Paypal) and payment reporting
  • [Study Abroad only] Pre-built integration with AbroadOffice, ensuring program information is accurate at almost 100 AbroadOffice universities

Applicant Portal

  • A full-fledged student portal allowing prospective students to go from ‘lead’ to ‘applicant’ to ‘enrolled student’
  • Online Applications
  • Online Enrollment forms
  • Online Application Checklists (including document receipt and payments)
  • Online Enrollment checklists (including document receipts and payments)
  • Question/Ticketing System
  • Referral System

Channel Management

  • System support for ‘channels’/intermediaries whether those channels are high schools/university admission counselors, universities/study abroad advisors, employers/professional training departments and so on
  • Intermediary organization and intermediary staff can be tracked in the system, linked to applicants/students and subject to the full set of CRM capabilities
  • Global University Database, including in-depth information about all US universities
  • [Study Abroad] Detailed information

Employee Management

  • Employee management
  • Fine-grained access controls by employee type
  • Employee logging and action auditing
  • Department assignment and ticket routing


  • Extensive XML/JSON based API allowing for integration with other enterprise systems, mobile applications and or analytic platforms
  • API supports both student registration and detailed reporting
  • Webhook methods in place for common push events such as ‘new student’ or ‘new payment’