Major Features

Abroad101 has unique features for academic advisors, students and program providers.

For Advisors

Abroad101 provides a feature-rich set of tools, free of charge to help advisors and university administrators better administer their student abroad enterprise.  The tools enable:

  • Easy Invitation Management
  • Elimination of Paper Evaluation Forms
  • Performance Reporting
  • Common and Custom Survey Questions
  • Review Management
  • Pre-Approved Program Lists
  • Draw More Students Abroad

All these services are offered at no charge in exchange for our ability to publish the student reviews and promote study abroad.  

For Students

Future students are drawn to Abroad101 for the reviews from returning students.  Using the popular 1-5 star scale, individual reviews provide a total rating, which are then averaged and displayed in directories.  Individual review details give ratings on all aspects of the program: academics, housing, food, program administration and the environment, plus student support before and after the experience abroad.

This insight can be reassuring to students and help them not only pick a program, but feel comfortable in their choices.  For parents, the reviews provide a level of comfort about the provider, the destination and study abroad in general.  For the returning student, their review is given a unique web address, published and maintained long into the future.  Students are encouraged to publicize it in their search for jobs or further education.

For Providers

Abroad101 is an attractive and effective way for study abroad, volunteer and internship providers to promote their programs.

  • Free Listings - At the core of the directory system are landing page style Free Listings that tie to student reviews and pre-approved program lists.  
  • Inquiry Management – Prospective students identify programs of interest and these inquiries are stored in our 100% reliable, secure, online database.  Logins allow access to inquiries, listings and reports.
  • Review Management - Providers can also invite students to leave reviews and can view reviews they originate as well as ones drawn from advisors.
  • Cost-effective Advertising – Programs can stand out in the featured programs section of each page, enhancing a provider's ability to generate inquiries and increase student awareness.